Manage Site Content

The Manage Site Pages link in the Manage Content tab of your Roomify for Accommodations dashboard takes you to an overview of all of your site’s content pages. You will not see properties, conversations, or bookings here, instead you will see any blog posts, static pages (for example, an About Us page), landing pages, and so forth. You can both filter and sort this view.

Filtering the content view:
Say you have 300 blog posts on your site, and you want to edit one of your five static pages. Instead of scrolling though every page of content on your site, simply select type: Page, and click Filter. This will show you only static page content. To remove the filtering, simply click on Undo (will remove the bottom filter applied, if there are multiple filters), or Reset (will remove all filters).
Sorting the content view:
The content in this view is sorted by the most recently updated content, by default. To select a different sort, simply click on the heading. For example, to sort by Title, click on Title. To change the sort from ascending to descending, click on Title again.

To view a piece of content, click on the linked title. To go directly to the editing interface, click on Edit, and to delete a page, click on Delete. (You will be prompted to confirm the deletion, so do not worry about accidentally clicking on Delete, as you will have a chance to cancel the deletion.)