My Account

The My Account Link takes you to your Drupal account page. This account is where you manage your login username, password, account email address, and time zone.


Your username is the ID that you log into the roomify site with. To change this value, simply type in a new username, and click Save. If the username you have chosen is not available, an error message will be shown, asking you to choose another name.


Secure passwords are extremely important! To change your current password, type it into the Current password field, then type your new password into the Password and the Confirm password fields, and click Save.

Email Address

Your account’s email address is used for all communication sent from the Roomify site. To change this, type a valid email address into the E-mail address field, and click Save.

Time Zone

The time zone that you select will affect how dates and times are displayed to you throughout the site. The default is the site time zone, to change this, select your time zone in the Locale field, and click Save.